The Space in Between - Stefano Russo

The Space in Between

July 6, 2024

The Project Space
EX MARMI - PIETRASANTA - Via Nazario Sauro 52

Brice Esso, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Stefano Russo

The project "The Space in Between: Evolution of Consciousness" by Stefano Russo stems from his strong belief that art has the power to change the world. This exhibition aims to be a demonstration of that belief: a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between the individual and the universe. His works invite us to explore our inner and outer spaces, filled with the essence of our being, urging us to reflect on our connection with the surrounding world and gently encouraging us to seek balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Energy is the generative concept/archetype behind "The Space in Between: Evolution of Consciousness." Energy is used as a spiritual process of self-knowledge, fragmented between the intrinsic energy within each of us and the energy in which we are immersed in this universe. Understanding the power of this beauty is neither simple nor taken for granted; thus, Stefano Russo considers it essential to learn to know it, comprehend it, modulate it, and live it, with the ultimate aim of rediscovering personal well-being and, consequently, global well-being. He uses his works as spiritual doors that urge us to give new value to the objects around us, aiming to establish a reflective relationship between us and the object: the works on display are conceived as sculpture-tools with strong energetic power and intrinsic transformative potential, designed as means for education, reflection, and understanding, for conscious use of spirituality.

The sculptures and photographs in the exhibition, all new, are conceived according to principles of bio-geometry, shaped with harmonic proportions and resonant materials.

Each sculpture is independent yet simultaneously in reciprocal communication with the others, thus creating an energetic connective network.

Through their form, carefully chosen materials, colors, and spatial arrangement, these works invite the public to explore and connect with the surrounding world, transmitting a message of spiritual unity and harmony. They are conceived as instruments for the elevation of consciousness.

Each form is designed to interact with the surrounding energy and promote inner transformation, and it is precisely through observation and interaction with these that we can inspire others to explore their potential and achieve a higher state of global awareness.

The first group of works, from 2024, is arranged as a triptych designed to support the balance of personal equilibrium. Each sculpture/tool was created with the intention of infusing strength in us, starting from the transformative engine that nature has generated for centuries in the universe. The three works are conceived as energetic catalysts, each with distinctive power, but together, communicating reciprocally, they form a triptych of great positive strength that inspires, guides, and protects.

"Space in Between" oscillates between peaks and horizons, between positive and negative forces, finding its balance in the intermediate space, in that void between the sharp corners of the marble where, through osmosis, it becomes the place of intuitive creativity. Made of steel and marble, this 70x30x60cm sculpture generates a unique energetic field, fertile for creativity and intuition.

The second work, called "HarmoniousUnion," represents harmony in union and the connection between all things. Through the form of the circle, the sphere, and thus the cyclicity of nature, this work focuses our observation on a specific point, acting as an energetic catalyst for inner transformation and the search for our awareness. Also made of steel and marble, it measures 60x50x60cm.

The third sculpture, titled "Power in Connection" embodies the power derived from the awareness of the synchronous connection of all elements. This tool transmits the strength of evolutionary power, becoming a motive for continuous personal growth. This sculpture is also made of steel and marble, with dimensions of 50x40x80cm.

"Dancing of the Photons" from 2024 is a photographic project that delves into the fascinating connection between light and sound, explored from a scientific-spiritual perspective. The artist, through constant study and great aesthetic sensitivity, explores light at a deep level, deconstructing and reconstructing the electromagnetic spectrum down to the photon level, analyzing the human visual spectrum that encompasses a wide range of wavelengths, from infrared to ultraviolet. The artist's goal was to create an image capable of blending physics with spirituality, opening the doors to a new dimension of understanding and contemplation.

At the center of this project is the number 7, which represents a sort of key to understanding an intrinsic universe of multiple meanings.

The 7 colors of the visible spectrum, the 7 musical notes of the diatonic scale, and the 7 chakras of the human body intertwine in these photographs in a symbolic embrace that unites visual, auditory, and spiritual perception. Each color, with its unique energetic vibration, is associated with a musical note and resonated at a frequency of 432 Hz, considered in tune with natural laws and capable of harmonizing and promoting our well-being.

The photographs that emerge from this personal research are true visual and sonic symphonies, where photons gracefully and elegantly dance in perfect harmony with musical notes. This harmony is made possible by the octave, a principle representing the completion of a cycle and the return to unity. The 7 elements, each with its unique intensity and vibration, integrate into total cohesion, creating a multisensory experience of extraordinary beauty.

The artist skillfully uses overlay and digital manipulation techniques to create effects that visually resonate like musical frequencies, offering an immersive experience that engages all the senses.

"Dancing of the Photons" ultimately celebrates the representation of a harmonious dance of photons permeating the entire universe. Through these images, the viewer is invited to reflect on the beauty and wonder of this cosmic dance, opening the mind and heart to a new awareness of the profound interdependence of all elements that make up the fabric of existence, between light, sound, and cosmic energy.

"Bazooka Light," a dissonant beacon of light pointing at the work "bronze head" by Brice Esso, is an artistic dialogue aimed at awakening minds to the atrocities of the world, a weapon of white light to awaken our minds from blindness to what happens daily around us and to illuminate our consciences so that we do not succumb to the dark abysses of indifference. Mixed materials.

Stefano Russo's mission is therefore to create works of art with obsessive aesthetic perfection that go beyond aesthetics, grounded in constant scientific study, aimed at engaging the public on an emotional and spiritual level.

The art of this project is a tool for the evolution of human consciousness, a means to overcome material barriers and create a collective experience of unity and harmony, hoping that his works can be a source of reflection and inspiration, thus contributing to creating a better world where art, energy, and awareness are at the center of our existence.

A gift to the world, as his art has always been.

Text by Alice Manni

The Space in Between - Detail 1 - Stefano Russo